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    Choosing the Shape of Your Diamond Engagement Ring

    Last updated 13 hours ago

    While several alternatives to the diamond engagement ring have emerged, none of them are as valuable or desirable as the real thing. If you are looking to keep with tradition and offer your loved one a beautiful diamond engagement ring that is uniquely yours, choosing a shape will be one of the most important decisions you make during the ring search and selection process. Below, you can find a rundown of some common diamond engagement ring shapes and what each represents.


    Simultaneously elegant and dazzling, emerald-cut diamond rings are reminiscent of high-class living in the roaring twenties. If you want your ring to have a classic look that still makes a statement, an emerald cut diamond may be the perfect shape for you.


    Do you define yourself as a romantic above all else? If you are loving, sentimental, and driven more by your emotions than your mind, a heart-shaped diamond may be appropriate for your engagement ring.


    Something about the geometry of an oval-shaped diamond gives it a clean brilliance that can hardly be paralleled. If you are neat and organized and would like for those traits to be reflected in your diamond ring, consider an oval shape. Round-shaped diamond rings have a similar effect, but also have a distinctly classic air about them.


    Are you always on the cutting edge of fashion when it comes to shopping for and dressing yourself? If so, a pear-shaped cut should definitely be on your radar. If you choose to not have it set with accent stones, it should work seamlessly with any outfit you choose to wear on any occasion.

    Did you know that you can increase your diamond ring purchasing power by opting to have your engagement ring fitted with a used diamond? If you would happily invest in a used ring rather than a new ring if it means more carats and less expense, call Gem Pawnbrokers of New York City at (718) 502-8053. We have an impressive inventory containing used diamond engagement rings of all shapes and sizes.

    Tips for Buying Fine Jewelry

    Last updated 6 days ago

    When buying rare and valuable items, consumers should always do their research. Jewelry with precious gems and metals can be very worth quite a bit, but there are many factors that can affect the value. It’s also important to consider where and how you purchase your fine jewelry.

    First of all, you must make up your mind as to what you want, so that you can avoid purchasing on impulse. You must also consider your budget. When you are at the store, ask plenty of questions, including those regarding the store’s return policy. Be extra careful when buying jewelry online, as you will not be able to see exactly what you are getting—you may want to look for reviews and find out whether other customers have had good experiences

    Are you looking to purchase fine jewelry that will impress your loved one and last for ages? For good deals on high-quality used jewelry that you can be sure is authentic and has been well-cared for, visit Gem Pawnbrokers in NYC or call us at (718) 502-8053.

    A Brief History of Rolex Watches

    Last updated 13 days ago

    While some connoisseurs of luxury goods prefer Swarovski, Bvlgari, or Tag Heuer, Rolex is without a doubt the most dominant name in the world of luxury watches. While much has happened throughout the course of the brand’s century-long history, a few events have been especially pivotal in shaping Rolex’s development and reputation.

    A Fortuitous 1905 Founding

    At the young age of 24, Bavarian-born Hans Wilsdorf founded a timepiece distribution company in London. It would still be a few years before the Rolex brand was born, but the makings of a company whose reputation would stand the test of time was well underway.

    Receipt of the Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision

    Dedication to quality and precision paid off early on for the Rolex brand. In 1910, the Official Watch Rating Centre honored Rolex as the first wristwatch maker to receive the Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision. This was the first of many such honors that would be bestowed on Rolex.

    Move to Geneva

    In 1920, Rolex was incorporated in the watchmaking capital of the world, Geneva. This solidified Rolex’s reputation as a preeminent luxury watchmaker.

    First Waterproof Watch

    Just two decades after its inception, Rolex made international headlines with the release of the first waterproof watch. This was the start of Rolex’s reign as the preferred watch of adventurers the world over.

    First Everest Summit

    In 1953, a waterproof, dustproof Rolex became the first watch to make it to the summit of Mount Everest and down again.

    Millennial Simplicity

    2000 saw the unveiling of Rolex’s 4130 chronograph calibre movement, an ingeniously simple movement that works as well as any of its more complex predecessors.

    Since 1905, Rolex has established itself as a leader, innovator, and game-changer in the watchmaking industry. If you would like to own a used Rolex luxury watch and you live in NYC, visit one of Gem Pawnbrokers’ 20+ convenient locations. To learn more about the high-quality watches in our inventory or how buying and selling watches with us works, call (718) 502-8053.

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    Questions to Ask Before Buying a Luxury Watch

    Last updated 20 days ago

    Like purchasing a new car or putting a down payment on a home, buying a luxury watch is a serious investment and a major decision. The next time start perusing pawn shops and jewelry stores for a luxury watch, ask the seller the following questions so that you can make an informed buying decision.

    What Features Does this Watch Offer?

    Getting to know the bells and whistles of a luxury watch after you have purchased it can be fun, but it is smarter consumer practice to try to find out what a watch can do and how it works before you buy it. Ask the vendor to demonstrate the basics of how the watch works, taking special notice of extra features that appeal to you such as a built-in calendar.

    What Kind of Movement or Module Does the Watch Have?

    A watch’s movement is the mechanism that tells time, and you want that mechanism to be reliable. This should be the case with any genuine luxury watch that you consider, but you should still ask the question to see what the pawnbroker has to say about it.

    What Are Some Other Options?

    If you like a specific luxury watch model a great deal, chances are high that the vendor has other watches you will like as well. Ask the vendor about competing models, and closely examine your options before deciding on a watch.

    What Kind of Maintenance Requirements Does this Watch Have?

    When it comes to upkeep, some luxury watches are more high-maintenance than others. Ask the pawnbroker how regularly you might expect to have to service your watch to keep it in prime condition, as well as what kind of cleaning regimen you will be looking at should you purchase the watch.

    Since most luxury timepieces are built to stand the test of time it, it is important to ensure that the watch you end up buying is one that you like. For access to an impressive selection of used luxury watches in New York City, call Gem Pawnbrokers at (718) 502-8053 or visit one of our 20+ NYC area locations.

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