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Debunking Common Pawn Shop Myths

Pawn shops and pawnbrokers seem to get a bad reputation through misinformation and misunderstandings. There are no back-alley deals or shady stores when you enter a pawn shop. You will find only a legitimate business, working to serve people in whatever they need.

Myth: Pawn Shops Are Low-Class

The idea behind pawn shops—using something valuable as collateral for a loan—has been around for a long time. Banks use it when you have a loan on a car or a mortgage on your house. Everyone, from all walks of life, participates in this practice through some official establishment. Pawn shops help and serve anyone who enters their door. Those clients come from all walks of life looking for financial help, items to buy, or other pawn services.

Myth: Everything is Stolen

Shops wouldn’t be in business very long if they accepted and sold stolen items. There are usually strict rules and regulations regarding pawn shops, and how they buy and sell their items. If you sell something to a pawn shop, you should be asked for your government identification. The pawnbroker can keep track of you, if he receives notification that the item is stolen or hears something suspicious about the item or the seller.

Myth: They Only Carry Junk

Since pawn shops are far from low-class establishments, it wouldn’t make sense to sell only low-class junk. Often, you can find great deals on high-quality items, such as electronics, musical instruments, and watches. You might even find some great gems, like nice jewelry and collectibles. If you have been looking for something specific, don’t be afraid to ask your pawnbroker to keep an eye out for you.

When you think of a pawn shop, think of Gem Pawnbrokers. We have almost 70 years of experience as the largest NYC pawnbroker. Whether you are looking to sell gold, buy gold, or find a great deal in one of our 28 branches, you know who to call. We are available online or at (718) 596-5626 to answer any of your questions.

What to Know About Going to a Pawn Shop

Pawn shops are not exactly what everyone envisions. Yes, the average customer can visit a pawn shop to buy or sell watches or other items, but the true business of a pawn broker is different from what you think.

The goal of a pawn shop is to give out loans based on collateral. A customer will visit the shop with an item of value; this may be jewelry, electronics, or an instrument, to name a few. A fair price will be agreed upon with the pawn broker. The broker will give a loan, with interest, and take the pawned item. At the end of the loan, the customer will either pay back the loan and interest, or the pawn shop will keep the item to pay off the loan.

If you’re looking for cash for gold in NYC, make Gem Pawnbrokers your first and only stop. We’ll give you a fair price for your gold and other items you wish to pawn. Call us at (718) 596-5626 to speak with one of our pawn brokers today.

The Latest Trends in Electronics

Technology is constantly improving and becoming more accessible to the public. Sometimes, though, these electronics are too expensive for the casual buyer. That’s why a pawn shop should always be your first stop when you want to buy or sell electronics.

Electronics Protection

In a world where technology becomes smaller and smaller, and much more breakable, the need for better protection is higher than ever. iPhones, Kindles, and Samsung devices all require at least protective screens. They should have heavy duty cases surrounding them for that one time they drop and the fragile casings and screens shatter. Thankfully, these cases are becoming more and more colorful with new designs to match every owner’s personality.

Cleaning Convenience

Everyone’s life has become hectic with work, family, and social lives; so hectic, in fact, that even stopping to vacuum the house can put a huge dent in your time. Why not invest in a vacuuming or mopping robot to help take a load off? These compact machines are designed to detect and get rid of dirt and dust from your floors, gutters, and pool. Roombas, Mirras, and Braavas are quickly becoming the cleaning technology of the future, available today. They’re lowering in prices every day and becoming more accessible to the everyday consumer. You may be able to find them at your local department stores and pawn shops.

Virtual Reality

The thought of transporting to another location or place in time, all from the comfort of your own home, is a fascinating idea. Devices, such as the Oculus Rift, have been built upon the foundation of a virtual reality headset any user can wear. This headset will transport the wearer to a game or location where they can interact with whatever they see. The idea of virtual reality has been around for decades, but the technology is improving every day.

When you’re in need of the best NYC pawn shop, you call Gem Pawnbrokers at (718) 596-5626. Whether you want to pawn an item, or you’re in need of electronics buying, our pawn brokers have several options available.

Tips to Help You Master Your New Camera

When you find the perfect camera at your local pawn shop, it’s fun to start clicking away. As you’ll see in this video, though, there are steps to creating that perfect picture.

New photographers may forget to change the camera’s exposure as the light changes. Regularly check your images after taking them to be sure you got the shot you wanted. Also, don’t be afraid to go slowly, and give your subject some posing suggestions. When you’re in need of an upgraded camera, check out your local pawn shops for some great deals.

With Gem Pawnbrokers, your electronics buying will be easier than ever. We have the best NYC pawn brokers, and we want to work with you. Give our pawn brokers a call at (718) 596-5626 to visit one of our many pawn shop locations.

Choosing the Right Watch for Work

What you wear to work can say a lot about what you do for a living. Wearing a suit typically means you work in an office of some sort. If you’re wearing khakis and hiking boots, it may be safe to assume you’re an outdoorsman. If you’re in jeans and a t-shirt, then you may work for yourself, or somewhere laid back. No matter what you wear for work, you can find the right watch to wear with your daily work outfit by shopping at a pawn shop.

Luxury Watches

There are certain brands that everyone recognizes as elite. These brands are in clothing, cars, shoes, and definitely in watches. Rolex, Cartier, and Louis Vuitton are just a few names in a sea of luxury watches. If you’re wearing one of these brands on your wrist, you mean business. Whether that is business in the courtroom, stockroom, or board office is up to you.

Rugged Watches

There are many watches made specifically for the outdoorsmen and women. These sports watches may be for the Olympian swimmer or the park ranger walking a national park. Hamilton is a popular watchmaker with a line of sports watches called Khaki Navy Frogman. Depending on your next adventure, keep an eye out for watches with a depth resistance for diving, or stopwatch features to keep time on laps.

Simplistic Watches

Casio and Timex are watch brands for the everyman. If you want a simple watch that will tell you the time accurately, you can’t go wrong with these inexpensive brands. Many of these watches come with extra features, such as a stopwatch and alarm, which can be perfect to remind you to get to work on time.

Gem Pawnbrokers is your pawn shop in NYC, offering any pawn services you need. With our knowledgeable pawn brokers, you can get cash for gold and many other items. Call us at (718) 596-5626 to learn more about our pawn shop and watch buying.

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