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Comparing Tube and Solid State Amps

If you have been searching for the perfect amp during your electronics buying, be sure to check out your local pawn shop. Many pawn shops have a multitude of electronics, including a wide selection of amps to help complement your music playing.

Watch the video for an audio presentation of how tube and solid state amps sound different. Both tube and solid state amps have very different sound qualities. Depending on your musical desires, you may have a preference for either sound. Tube amps tend to have a deeper and smoother sound. Solid state amps are a little higher and more staccato-sounding.

Visit your local pawn shop in NYC, Gem Pawnbrokers. With several pawn shops around NYC, you will have your choice of electronics no matter which location you choose. Call (718) 596-5626 to speak with one of our knowledgeable pawnbrokers.

Matching Earrings to Your Outfit

Just because you saved money buying your earrings at a New York City pawn shop, you do not have to compromise how you look wearing your new jewelry. In fact, you may be pleased to find unique, one-of-a-kind selections from your pawnbroker that will let you explore your creative style. Here are a few tips on how best to match your earrings to your outfit.

Consider the Colors

When pairing earrings to an outfit, think how the color or design of your outfit will influence your jewelry. You should try to keep the colors and designs complementary to each other. However, there are times you might consider mixing up your jewelry and outfit colors. For example, when you are wearing something white, you can put in black earrings, or vice versa. Keep in mind that some colors, such as white and black, can be paired with any color. If you wish to dress up your ears in something colorful, try an outfit predominantly white or black.

Accent the Accessories

Do not forget your other pawn jewelry when choosing your earrings. You do not want to mix clashing colors or materials between your earrings and necklaces or bracelets. If you have a matching set, then you have nothing to worry about. For the times you do not have a matching set, consider pairing jewelry with the same color metal or gemstones. Also, do not wear an entire set of extravagant jewelry. If your necklace is large and colorful, then choose demure earrings.

Evaluate the Event

Just as your outfit will change depending on what event you attend, so too will your earrings. You may not wear the same earrings to a fancy wedding that you would to work or a barbecue. Think about the style of the event, and consider how your earrings will come across to other guests and in pictures.

Whether you are looking for cash for gold or pawn jewelry in NYC, you will find it with Gem Pawnbrokers. Our pawn shops carry a multitude of items and offer various pawn services to assist you in whatever you need. Call us at (718) 596-5626 to learn more.

Answers to Your Pawn Shop Questions

Pawn shops and pawnbrokers are often misunderstood, so many questions tend to come up when new customers enter the store. Questions about which products to sell and buy, as well as other financial and pawn services are the most common. Here are some brief answers to your burning questions:

  • Pawnbrokers can buy or sell almost anything, including power tools, gift cards, and various electronics.
  • If an item is broken, such as a watch or laptop, it will be up to the individual shop whether to buy it. It doesn’t make sense selling something that is broken, so if it can be easily fixed, the shop might consider buying it.
  • The backbone of the pawn business come from loans. When a customer wants to sell watches and other items in exchange for a loan, the pawnbroker strikes a fair deal. If the borrower pays back the loan and interest within a required time limit, they get their item back. If they don’t return, the pawn shop can sell the item themselves.

Gem Pawnbrokers is here to answer all of your questions at (718) 596-5626. We are a transparent and hardworking pawn shop in NYC, and we’re looking forward to working with you.

How to Choose the Right Necklace

There are a variety of necklaces and other jewelry at your local pawn shop. Which one should you choose, though? Here is a brief rundown of how to pick the right necklace at your pawn shop.

Think about Where You’ll Wear It

Choosing a necklace is a process much like choosing clothes to wear; you have to dress your neck for the occasion. If you are heading to a black tie gala or uptown wedding, you wouldn’t attend in jeans, so why would you wear a simple or outdated necklace? Simpler necklaces—a gold chain without a pendant, or one with a small, inconspicuous pendant—should be worn for low-key daytime events. When you head out for a night with your friends or a business dinner, you should wear something more decorated and eye-catching.

Consider What Clothes You’ll Wear with It

Not only do you have to consider where you are going, but once you pick out your outfit, you have to pair the right necklace with your clothes. There are a few rules for necklace choice depending on the neckline of your dress or shirt.

  • Princess length or choker necklaces should be worn with strapless gowns or low-cut blouses. These necklaces will measure about 16 to 19 inches long.
  • If your blouse or shirt has a “V” neck shape, then choose a longer necklace that will fall into a “V” to match your shirt.
  • When wearing a turtleneck or high-necked shirt, find a long necklace, sometimes called opera-length, at 26 to 36 inches.
  • Halter cut and one-shoulder shirts and dresses shouldn’t be worn with a necklace.

Don’t Forget Your Other Jewelry

On top of the many things to consider when choosing a necklace, don’t forget about your other jewelry. Try to wear only one flashy piece of jewelry at a time. Make the other pieces simpler so they don’t clash with each other.

If you have been wanting to update your jewelry box, call Gem Pawnbrokers at (718) 596-5626. Our pawn shops have extensive jewelry buying opportunities for your convenience at our NYC pawn jewelry stores. Call us or visit us online to see our store hours.

The Best Beginner Electric Guitar

As you can see in this video, there isn’t a right answer when it comes to the best guitar for a beginner. The best thing any beginner can do is to visit their local pawn shop, pick up a guitar, and see how it feels.

Guitar buying, much like jewelry buying, is a subjective choice. You need to feel and listen to several guitars to find the one that speaks to you. If you are a beginner, with zero experience, ask a shop attendant if they can play for you. You can hear the sound and decide if that is your first guitar.

Pawn shops and pawnbrokers deal in a variety of products, including musical instruments. Gem Pawnbrokers has several instruments to choose from at our many NYC pawn shops. Visit us online or call us at (718) 596-5626 for more information.

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